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Sid Amos

Kunst & Magie


Hochgeladen von cylixe

von Cylixe zum Geburtstag 2009


systematic allocations
countless coincidence
improvised illusions
no fear of violence
being good while being bad
because neither applies for that.

aesthetic entrophy
beautifully arranged
artificial chaos
reality changed
thinking patterns deconstruct at will
if i want it the world stands still.


in the dark
the spirit
forget everything you know
let imagination flow.

a blade to cut
a cup to drink
the earth to stand on
a wand to think
releasing the eye to see
and finally become free.

always in black
choosing invisibility
blow your mind with
hollistic philosophy
composing magic components
stirring up the consequence


while the world awakes
to turn another day
the knowledge everything changed
will stay
and every breath is new
its the magic we do